DEPART: Players must arrive at 5:30am on Friday, June 20th, at MTHS, in the back/behind the school. At this time gear/luggage will be stowed and players will be boarding the team bus.

RETURN: Will be approximately 6:30pm on Monday, June 23rd. Time is approximate, as we will not be sure what time we depart OSU (depends on scrimmage schedule) and other factors such as traffic.


In addition to the items listed below, suggested items to make the stay more comfortable, are:

  1. Plenty of socks (players will want to change their socks at least 4 teams each day);
  2. Black shorts (so as to fit into our team color scheme as much as possible) with red, silver, and white, also being okay.
  3. Warm/dry undergarments, such as the Underarmour type, in the event it is cold and/or wet. Plus, the players will be on artificial turf fields, so long sleeves will help prevent scrapes/abrasions on their arms/elbows;
  4. Jacket, which can be worn in between football sessions (again, in the event of cold/wet weather);
  5. A few hangers – these are nice to have, to hang gear/clothing at the end of day, so it can air out/dry overnight;
  6. An extra girdle, if you have one (again, nice to have one that can be swapped out during the day, to keep dry);
  7. Money: There is opportunity to buy pizza and Gatorade and other items at the snack shop. However, none of these things are necessary, as the boys are fed very well. Also, if you do bring money, don’t bring more than $40.00, and take care of it – make sure it is hidden away and secured.
  8. Snacks: As it says below, you are welcome to bring snacks to keep in the dorm room. If you do so, I would suggest items that are healthy, high in protein, and are non-perishable (there is no refrigeration available).
  9. Valuables: IPad, personal music, phones, headphones, , etc.: Feel free to bring these items, but make sure they are taken care of, hidden away and secured.


Each camper is required to bring their own football equipment. Equipment includes: shoulder pads, helmet, pants, practice jersey, girdle with pads, knee pads, thigh pads, belt and mouthpiece. Please bring whatever equipment is necessary for you to feel safe and comfortable.

A pillow, pillowcase, blankets, sheets and one towel will be provided for you in your room. You are welcome to bring additional bedding or towels.

Additional items to consider bringing include an alarm clock, athletic supporter, football cleats for grass, tennis shoes, shorts, socks, toiletries, t-shirts, washcloth and soap.

Meals are provided during your stay; dinner on Friday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast and lunch on Monday. All meals will take place at Marketplace West. Check out what food options are available at West here: http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/eat. You are welcome to bring additional snacks if you choose. Pizza and Gatorade will be available for purchase after the evening session (9PM).



  1. Valuables: As referenced above, it is very important to take care of money, electronics, and valuables. The reality is that when you have over a thousand high school students, at a camp such as this, that theft can be an issue. So, by minimizing what is brought, hiding things away in the dorm room, and keeping the dorm room door locked, the risks can be minimized. Also – the boys should not share their dorm room key with anyone other than their assigned roommate. Please talk to the boys about this topic.
  2. The players will be well supervised. We have 8 coaches attending and we take great care to supervise our players. Their conduct off the field, as well as on the field, is of utmost importance to us.