For those in need of a new physical for football for the 2014-2015 season, Edmonds Family Medicine is providing free sports physicals on June 5th.  You can review the information below and schedule an appointment through EW once the attached consent form is signed.

June 5, 2014 Sports Physical Exams
Physicians and nursing staff from Edmonds Family Medicine (EFM) have
generously donated sports physical exams for students attending EWHS in the
fall of 2014 and participating in any school sport throughout the year.
Exams will be on Thursday, June 5, 2:30-6:30pm. , In 15-minute time slots, in
the 100 Flex area, EWHS.
Students must personally signup with Denise Lewis, EWHS athletic Secretary
in the athletic attendance office. Signups can be requested initially by email to
however, the studentʼs guardian must
complete a consent form in order to receive a time slot for the exam. Students
can pick up the consent from the attendance office or request it be emailed.
There is $15 suggested donation, cash or check to ESD, will be directed towards
EWHS programs such as sports medicine.
The exam will include vital signs and heart, lung and spine exams. Records of
the exams will be kept with EFM and the student will have the ESD medical exam
form signed as required for sports participation, which will be valid per ESD
policy, until June 2016. This is not a service meant as a substitute for a studentʼs
physician with whom they have an ongoing relationship. It is a service intended to
assist those students with financially challenging healthcare costs. Students are
encouraged to come with a parent or guardian, but not required.