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With the recent graduation of Josh and Justin Hopkins we have lost the primary attention of avid photog and Hawks sports fan Mark Hopkins.  Mark is still around providing his services but his presence at the games will diminish without his sons on the field.  It was a great run with Mark and his photos of the action on and off the field will live forever in the memories of parents and players alike.

That doesn’t mean you need to break down and by a new DS8000 or spend countless hours on-line trying to learn how to take action shots of the games.  We have a tremendous new local Mountlake Terrace photographer that is already capturing the moments under the lights. 

Jonah Wallace is local photographer and parent of two who are both active in sports.  I have enjoyed Jonah’s photographer over the past 10 years as his daughter and mine played sports together.  His son is now in the Junior Hawks program and his pictures can be found on those sites as well as ours. 

You can find some photos of the game on the team Facebook page and Jonah will continue to post more of each game he captures.  Jonah also provides a link to his web page for more game photos and other events that he covers as well.  Take a look at his site and if you see anything you would like printed you easily order a print on-line. 

Our latest game pics


Jonah’s web site


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School Name*W-L*Pct.*PF*PAW-LPct.PFPAStrk
Meadowdale5-01.000157688-30.7273382071 L
Mountlake Terrace5-10.8332411358-30.7273412671 L
Edmonds-Woodway3-20.600184795-50.5002891891 L
Glacier Peak2-20.500139706-40.6002711801 L
Lynnwood2-20.5001041084-60.4001782812 L
Shorewood1-50.1671172162-80.2001843336 L
Shorecrest0-60.000212870-90.000633869 L